16 Teeth for the tooth fairy

Yesterday was one of the days I would rather not remember.
Our day began at 4:45am as we all had to get up and  head to Melbourne to be at the RCH by 7am. We had to wait until 10:45am for Ryley to even go into surgery. The poor kid was starving and feeling horrible. I always fast with him, and I felt lightheaded and shakey, so I would hate to think how bad he felt.

Firstly, the dentist took xrays of Ryley's mouth. She came out to tell us what she had found. Sadly, Ryley doesn't have many adult teeth. They just haven't formed. So he will never have his top teeth ever again.
I think that has been one of the worst parts.
Realising that my little man doesn't even have the replacement teeth. I just feel so sad about that.
All up, Ryley had 16 teeth taken out yesterday. He has been left with his 4 canines (or fangs). They were the only teeth able to be saved.

He came out of surgery very badly.
Part of the reason was the pain.
Part of the reason was that despite me making sure there were warnings on everything, and me personally reminding the anaesthetist and dentist that he was on the Ketogenic Diet, they still gave him meds during surgery that contained sugar (including a drip).
To say I am furious, is an understatement.
The anaesthetist's response was "oops", when I had demanded his blood sugars and ketones to be done, only to discover his BSL's were high and Ketones were low.
Not. Good. Enough.

We also demanded more pain relief, which thankfully the nursing staff agreed with. We cannot fault the two nurses who cared for Ryley. They listened to us and they also advocated for Ryley very strongly.
Ryley had to be given Oxyconton because he is allergic to Morphine. This sedated him and eased his pain and distress significantly.

The nurses tried desperately to find us a bed because he really needed to stay overnight because of the pain, and because he had aspirated and had blood on his lungs. Scary stuff really.
Anyway, apparently the RCH was at level 3, or 105% capacity, so could only really put us in the ED.
We opted to go home and hope for the best, after all, we are pretty competent when it comes to caring for Ryley. We would have had to drive back to Melbourne if anything went wrong (ie. with his breathing).
So, armed with codeine we went home.

Thankfully, Ryley slept well through the night and woke up with a smile on his face (allbeit, a very toothless grin). He is absolutely amazing. Despite being still in pain, he has taken it in his stride and has coped remarkably well.
I have to make mention of Braeden too. It was a very long and difficult day yesterday, and would have been quite distressing for Braeden. He behaved himself (despite a few times when he ran for dear life) and it helped Ryley so much having him there.

It was a very traumatic day for all of us. But we are through the worst of it now and are just going to focus on Ryley's recovery.

I am completely overwhelmed by all the messages on Facebook. Thank you all so very much. Ryley is incredibly strong, and we are constantly in awe of how he copes.

Now we have to write to the tooth fairy...!


  1. Dear tooth fairy please spoil my frind Ryley! He is the bravest boy I know!


  2. Anna,
    I'm so glad he is coping so well. I would be crying my eyes out going through what he did. God bless him:)

  3. Anna,

    I am so, so, so sorry that Ryley had to go through the surgery. As a mother, I can imagine your pain-- there is nothing worse than watching your child suffer in even the slightest way. My prayers are with you and Ryley during this recovery time and always. He has my heart-- as do you!


  4. Anna,

    What a horrible and hard day for your family... I cant even imagine the heartache for your family to watch your little man go through this. I watch this blog often, and have you all in my prayers... Ryley always amazes me with his strength and courage..as do you and the rest of your family.

    I hope Ryley makes a speedy recovery.


  5. Oh man - your tooth fairy is going to go broke with 16 teeth to pay up for!!

    I'm so glad to hear he is home now and recovering well. I would have gone home too rather than staying in the ED - can't think of anything worse than that.

  6. Oh God Anna, what a day. Even reading about your day brought forth so many feelings of anxiety and that sick in the tummy feeling, I can only imagine what it was like having your child go through it. You are all so brave, and Ryley, what an incredible little boy.
    Hope the tooth fairy pays up big!
    Love, Rhi

  7. What a long horrible day for all of you.
    Ryley, and all of you, are amazing. Can't believe he got up with a smile!
    Glad you are on the other side of it now that it's over, hope Ryley isn't in too much pain and hope you can start to unwind after such an ordeal.

  8. To Anna,
    I am very saddened by reading your blog today,
    for a strong willed woman to cope through that,
    I take my hat off to you,you work for a support service where everyday you help familys with similar problems and you come home to deal with it too, take care, Melissa....

  9. I feel so sad reading this and wish i could have been there with you all through it. Ryley is the toughest person i know and i am one very proud auntie, xxxx

  10. I am so sorry Ryley and all of you had to go through such a rough day. I am so glad to hear how Ryley is coping with it now. He is such a trooper.

  11. I'm so sorry to hear all that Ryley endured in one day....may he's recovery be smooth and pain free.

    Thinking of you all xx

  12. What a terrible time you have all had, I hope your awesome, brave Ryley is on the mend and you are all recovering from the experience.
    Love and best wishes to you all,

  13. Hoping Ryley is feeling a little better now, so sorry that he had to loose so many teeth, my thoughts are with him right now and you all as always, much love xxoo

  14. I am so sorry for all that Ryley had to endure, and you too. I hope that he is feeling better and back to his old self. Hugs to you all xoxox. :)

  15. Thank you all so much for your beautiful comments. We are so proud of our beautiful Ryley. He is truly incredible. He is recovering really well and continues to amaze us. I have to admit to tears reading all of your kind words. xoxox


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