Emerging skills

Something I talk about with families regularly is the emerging skills that their children have. Usually this is formally identified by therapists, or by using an assessment tool. Often you can see the skill starting to develop, and it is very useful to bring it to the attention of parents who may not have had a chance to notice it.
Lately, I have found that Ryley has some emerging skills and I am so excited! This week, he has been helping pack his own school bag. Now, I know that to most people they would just roll their eyes and wonder why I am so excited. But the thing is, packing his own bag is about so much!
For example:
He has to have the ability to plan and recognise what goes into the bag. So he has to remember the sequence in which things go in. This takes motor planning skills, which is something he has a lot of difficulty with. He will go to the fridge and get his feeds out and put them in the small section of his bag. He then has to go to the bedroom and get his drink cup. Then he puts his diary and jacket in.
The only prompts he gets is a verbal reminder.
The fact that he is motivated to do this is remarkable in itself! I have never offered any rewards. It is just something he has decided to do! Given that our biggest long-term goal for Ryley is around increasing his independence, I am fairly sure we have made another step towards helping him achieve that.

As for Braeden...well he seems to have a new skill every day. It is beautiful being able to hold a conversation with him. Though I had to laugh the other day. I was out getting Ryley off the school bus and I came in to a message on my mobile from Ryley's Epilepsy Nurse. She had rung our home phone first only to get Braeden. Who chatted away then dropped the phone! Funny Funny Funny.
Braeden is all about independence at the moment-much to my amusement!

Just quickly too, Ryley still is a bit sore in his mouth, but is otherwise doing well!


  1. YAY for new skills - they are always to be celebrated!

  2. Way to go Ryley! That is wonderful news. I certainly can see why you are so excited. I hope his mouth continues to feel better. :)


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