Last night Ryley got out of bed and wandered out to the kitchen, as he often does. David and Braeden were doing the dishes and I was trying to master Guitar Hero.
As Ryley got closer to David, he had a seizure and fell, and before anyone could catch him, he hit his head on one of the door handles of the draws.
Talk about panic (well, I did, David stayed calm).
We applied pressure and hotfooted it up to the emergency department, where we used our powers of persuasion (aka mentioned 'seizure') and went straight in.
We got a lovely junior doctor who could barely speak english, so again, we used this to our advantage and bamboozled him, so that he simply glued Ryley up and let us go. Neither the nurse or doctor had heard of WHS or the ketogenic diet, and they even struggled with what myoclonic seizures were (this wouldn't happen in WHS town.).

Throughout the whole thing, Ryley was really good (as usual) and Braeden was just gorgeous. He was so worried about Ryley and had to lay with him on the bed and wanted to be as close to him as possible the whole time. He desperately wanted to get his hands on the trolley with all the medical supplies on it, but resisted temptation. The funniest part of all was when the junior doctor asked if Braeden was Ryley's big brother.
Say what??

So apart from being a bit sore and sorry for himself, Ryley is ok. Another scar to add to his collection.
Here are some pics. They were taken on my mobile. So a bit small.

The battle wound

Ryley and Braeden in hospital kicking back on the bed.

All fixed now.


  1. Poor Ryley. And poor you. I hope everyone is recovering today and Ryley is still getting lost of Braeden cuddles. They look like they would help. :)

  2. Oh Anna! what a way to spend a Saturday night! lol
    Riley looks so brave and him and B look they are having a great time kicking back! hilarious how kids keep calm while no doubt you have a few more greys! take care

  3. Poor Ryley. LOVE that you bamboozled the staff to get what you needed!!

  4. Ouch ! Poor Ryley, but he is very brave and he has such a gorgeous caring brother to comfort him ! Hope he's feeling better today.


  5. Uh Oh all all right!!!! 2 things I hate... Seizures and ED. Glad to hear he is ok. And good on Ryley for being so BRAVE!!!

  6. bahh haa haaa haaaa aahhhhhh...oh...not at the poor little man, but at the Dr asking if Braeden is the big bro... It still amazes me how some Dr's just don't think before they speak! ummmmm "have you read his file or heard anything we've just told you!!??" ha ha ha haaaaa Oh well, i'm glad he's doin okay and at least his trip to the ED wasn't tooooo horrible...for him anyway ; )

  7. Oh, poor Ryley. I am glad he is ok now. Sorry you all had to go through that. Braeden is the best little brother, Ryley is very lucky. I love the other post about WHS town - can we live there too?

  8. Poor Ryley - I'm really glad they didn't try and stitch him up!
    Hope he's feeling better and you've all recovered.



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