Things I have learnt this week

  • It is really hard not seeing my boys for a whole day and only being able to kiss them goodnight at 10:00 at night.
  • It is the best feeling in the world when you get home late and both your kids come racing over to give you a cuddle and a kiss and start chatting away.
  • Even though we only had $15 to our name last week, we managed to make it through thanks to the kindness of our next door neighbours who knew we couldn't afford food (yes, it was THAT bad) and made sure we had enough to eat (his partner's son works at Bakers Delight). I can't really explain in words how it makes me feel knowing we have people looking out for us.
  • Through the training I have had, I have learnt a few things about building on Ryley's skills and therefore helping to prevent long term behavioural problems. I have also learnt that I really need to stop asking Braeden to do things, because when I am asking him ever-so-politely, it is giving him the opportunity to say NO. I am very much looking forward to trialling some of the strategies at home, which will help me then deliver the course to parents.
  • I have also learnt that I need to find time every week to do some exercise or something for myself. Even if it is just to walk around the block. My job is very intense and really draining, and I need to take care of myself.
  • And finally, I have learnt that families who have a child with a disability are more stressed than other families. I already knew this really, but it was reiterated very strongly over the 2 days and there is lots and lots of empirical evidence to back that up.
I am so looking forward to just hanging out with my boys this weekend. Not to mention seeing all of our closest friends and enjoying a night out with them. I will even remember to take photos!!!


  1. I hope you have a great weekend. The course sounds great.


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