Health Check

I had a workplace health check today.
Bit of a waste of time to be honest. Although no surprise for the one thing that wasn't alright with me.
Can you guess?

Yep you guessed it...blood pressure waaay too high.
Can't imagine why it would be abnormally high. I mean. My life is so stress free...
Hmmm. Anyway. Apparently I don't need to do anything. Although some of the girls at work did suggest I find a GOOD social worker. Har har di har.

Tonight when I was bathing the kids I noticed just how CHUBBY Ryley has gotten. I knew he was getting bigger, but I don't think I realised how much. He has lovely chunky thighs and he is so well covered. Never thought I would see the day.
On the subject of Ryley and his biggerness, he is so very heavy now. I find it a real struggle some days to lift him. He still gets tired easily, so we might be out walking somewhere and all of a sudden he has had enough and I have to carry him. Crikey that's hard. I know there are lots of families out there who have the same problem. Perhaps the government could have considered this in their budget-that-provided-NOTHING-for those with disabilities and their carers. So many people have to fit their houses out with hoists just so that their child can do what most people take for granted, like have a bath or go to bed.

Braeden is still a little penguin.
Did I mention that he thinks he is the star of Happy Feet? He loves his 'Pee Pe' (which is his penguin figurine, not to be mistaken with toileting). He even went so far as to find socks and put them on his hands so that he had flippers! Talk about an imagination. So nice to see it starting to emerge. He is cruising along being his normal happy self most of the time.

You know how a little while ago I said we were going to try and be frugal?
We still are. Only that is because we seem to just be spending every cent we earn on bills or things that bust. Like the computer.
Or our car for example (which has to be fixed this week).
Lucky I am now the proud owner of a slow cooker. Now to just get some recipes!!

I have rambled long enough now.
Best go finish the jobs so I can go to bed.


  1. Do you like Mexican food? I have a few slow cooker recipes that I can share with you. And... DOWN WITH THAT BLOOD PRESSURE. You and Ken both! Love ya.

  2. Sorry to hear about the blood pressure.

    Braeden needs to come and play with my girls - they LOVE Happy Feet and spend hours pretending to be Mumble or playing with their toy penguins (of which there are many).


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