Stupid me forgot to take the camera card out to Amphi this weekend.
Imagine this, I have lined up the 'perfect' shot of Ryley feeding the sheep with Braeden in the background.
I press the button.
The camera beeps a million times and tells me it can't record the photo.
Meanwhile, Ryley has chucked the hay and wandered off. Braeden is long gone. And I am cursing myself for forgetting the memory card.

Oh well. There will be other opportunities.
Ryley and Braeden had an absolute ball on Saturday playing with their cousins. For the first time ever, I merely kept an 'eye' on them. They both just wandered around watching David at times (he was busy tiling part of his parents kitchen so he could put the stove in), and spending a lot of time mucking around.
Sunday was a another story, there were no cousins for most of the day and Ryley was SO naughty!

It is absolutely flippin' freezing here at the moment. I feel like we are going to get snow at any moment. Of course we won't. But still...!

Tomorrow my darling husband turns 30. We aren't doing too much. We had a cake out at his parents house on Saturday and we are going out for tea with our closest friends on Saturday night (which I am looking forward to!).

I have two days of training in Melbourne this week. I am doing the training for "Signposts for better behaviour". The program aims to teach parents how to mange the behaviour of their children, but specifically their child who has an intellectual disability. Our EI program already runs this for parents, but there only seems to be a couple of people trained to run it. So me and two of my colleagues are heading down to be trained to run it. I am looking forward to learning and also seeing just how family friendly and realistic is it.

And, to update you on our Dads program (for those that can vaguely remember me mentioning this!). We are now in our 4th week and our group of Dads is growing in numbers each week. Word must be starting to filter out. Yay! There has been such a gap in services for Dads, but I think we will have set the precedent and be able to advocate for the continuation of this program and group we are facilitating! Exciting!


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