After reading about Bron's Cooper this week and his recent decision to go to the toilet, I was a little more inspired to start encouraging Ryley again.
We have been running through the toileting motions with Ryley for years now. And we have had some successes here and there.
But, it seems, it takes a good dose of healthy competition to give Ryley the motivation he needs to use his potty chair!
Braeden is right in the thick of toilet training at the moment. Very much spurred on by his glorious return to daycare this week. By all accounts, being in the 2-3 year old room has given Braeden the extra motivation that he needed to get on that potty and do something! Up until now, we have just been following his lead, which we will continue to do. But he is at the stage of wanting to go to the toilet all the time, and is what has sparked the interest from Ryley.

So, to date, Ryley has used his potty chair several times over the past few days! We ask him all the time if he needs to go, and on the times he says yes, we have taken him. He has used the potty 90% of the time he has wanted to!
I don't think he is going to be able to wear jocks just yet (although he has tried some out), but I finally feel like we are heading in the right direction with him!

This is the potty chair Ryley uses:

You would not believe that the cost of one of these is $450. We don't use the straps at all, though Ryley loves playing with the long one.

I don't think we are going to be able to declare ourselves a nappy free zone just yet (not sure we ever will), but we are certainly heading in the right direction. And that is very exciting!!


  1. Very exciting. I am wondering about one of those chairs for Ashlea as she can't sit on the regular toilet.

    Good luck - even one less in nappies will be a huge improvement!

    And while we're on this subject - how do you go about changing Ryley when you're out? Especially if it is a number 2? Thanks.

  2. Huge step in the right direction!! This is so encouraging to hear! Way to go Ryley.

  3. Alison- Changing Ryley when we are out can be a nightmare! The changerooms are usually always horrible and he is too big for those tables that fold down. Usually, we will take him back to the car and change him there. We always keep a towel that we lay out in the boot (we have a station wagon). I have been known to just take him into a cubicle and change him while he is standing up. But it is almost impossible to do.
    Ryley has very frequent bowel movements, so we tend to expect them whenever we go somewhere.
    It is really hard though.
    I do know of people who have tilt-in-space wheelchairs so they can just fold back the wheelchair and change away. Wouldn't work for us though.
    How do you go?

  4. That's awesome Anna! I hope Ryley feels proud too.


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