Best way to survive the holidays...

It's easy.
I go back to work.
David stays home with the kids.
Kids behave themselves beautifully.

Hmmmm. I am feeling a little miffed at the moment. I mean, when I am home with the kids, I plan outings, I break the day down into activity blocks, I make sure that they get lot's of attention...
David, on the other hand, takes a more relaxed attitude. He manages to take them to the bakery for coffee each day and he sits there and reads the paper. But! I protest! Doesn't Ryley get sick of sitting there, and doesn't Braeden start running amok after 5 minutes?? Clearly I am too stupid to realise that if you ply them with all sorts of cakes and sugary sweets at 9:00 in the morning that allows you have 20 mins or so of read the paper time. Which is largely uninterrupted apparently.
Well. Ok. What about Ryley's favourite noise? Oh no says David, Ryley doesn't do that noise for me.

Seeing as this is David's first time looking after both the boys during school holidays, I will spare him the rant that I can feel bubbling inside me. I mean, it has only been 3 days. Let's see how he goes next week hey?


  1. I think its a great plan. I too have been working extra days during the holidays and leaving Murray at home with the kids!

  2. Oh Anna! funny how kids know exactly how to play either parent! The kids are always so good for Andrew too, never any worries...drives me nuts! lol


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