Have I told you lately that I love you?

Coffee that is. Ha!

I seriously don't know if I could live without the stuff. Does that make me addicted to caffeine? Meh. Probably. I only have 2 cups a day. But I confess. They are always bought ones. From a proper store.
Well, McDonald's is probably not a proper store exactly...but they do have good cheap coffee.

Today was blood test day for Ryley. I hate blood test day. And it turns out that Ryley REALLY hated blood test day today. Because Ryley is on the Ketogenic Diet, he has to have blood tests every 3 months. This is to check that everything is ok and that his organs are all still working well and not starting to shut down or anything. His last few blood tests now, have shown higher than normal cholesterol which have started to concern his neurologist. If these tests show that they have elevated further, then we start the very real conversation about weaning Ryley off the Diet.
I am petrifried to be honest.
I dread the thought of Ryley ever going back to having all those seizures again.
Anyway, we will wait and see, I won't get ahead of myself and start panicking about nothing.
He has 3 days of testing coming up the week before school starts. Just the usual stuff, kidney ultrasound, bone density, carnitine bloods. As well as dental clinic and an ECG to check his heart is ok. Usually we try and squeeze it all in to one day, but this time we couldn't.

Today Ryley was scared of the blood test. He cried and squirmed and he went all clammy and pale. He was very distressed. It doesn't help that he has to fast, so he was hungry and probably feeling yuck too, his ketones would have been through the roof. I hate that there is nothing I can do except whisper in his ear and try and sooth him. He was fine as soon as it was over, and nearly ran out the door when we were finished.
He normally is ok with blood tests. Not sure why today he was so scared.

I have to laugh though. Here we were sitting in a waiting room full of people. They were all quiet as quiet can be.
And Ryley started his noise.
I saw a couple of people just stare at him with a frown on their faces. Others pretended not to hear it. I just told him to be quiet because we had to wait.
He ignored me of course.
So I just stared and frowned back at the people who were frowning at him (silently I was daring them to say something or make a big pointed sigh or something).
Kept me amused anyway.

At least after the blood tests I managed to get some coffee.
And I gave Ryley his tucker. He was most pleased.


  1. Oh my, you really need to invest in an espresso machine! I have one and i seriously couldn't live without it!

    As for the the tests, i hope everything comes back fine, and as always, let me know if you guys need some company at the Hospital.

    Stupid waiting room people! Good for you to stare back at them, perhaps you might consider adding a growl to your stare next time!? That would be gold!!

    Fingers are crossed for you guys.
    XXLiv and Elliott.

  2. As you know I hate blood test day too. I hope the results are all good.

    I would have moved closer to the starers - just to piss them off.

  3. Hopefully the rest of the blood work and tests are not as tough on Riley!

    I too used to love coffee but my heart started reaching to caffiene and honestly, decaf is just not as fun - or addicting!



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