So tired

For Ryley, being overtired means he vomits. And last night that is what he did.
Poor kid.
He has been back at school for only 4 days and he is so very tired. He never likes to just sit and do nothing. He would rather be on the go and involved in everything. So quite often, his little body just says ENOUGH!
Ryley has severe Gastro-Oesphaegeal Reflux Disorder (GORD) which he has been medicated for since he was about 10 months old. He is on a very low and only therapeautic doses of Donperidone and Losec. They actual doses have not changed since he first started. So the idea of not changing anything is that eventually, he will grow out of the medications and hopefully avoid anything like a Fundoplication.

So when he is exhausted, his body reacts by vomiting.
We are used to it now, but the poor little kid gets really upset still.
REMEDY: Lot's of cuddles until he falls asleep (Dad's ones seem to be best at the moment!).

Perhaps he was excited that his Mum turned 30+1 yesterday? Another non-eventful birthday which made me a year older. I did actually have a lovely day. My boys all made me feel mreally special, which is what having a birthday is all about. There was no real fuss made, just little gifts and flowers from David which he had sent to my work. Perfect.

And yesterday brought with it the rain! Lovely cold rainy weather and we will snuggle tonight in front of the fire.

Let's hope Ryley can get a good sleep and possibly even a sleep in tomorrow! He certainly needs it!


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