My beautiful boys

Braeden is now nearly 15 months old and Ryley is now 7 years old! They love each other so much, but also fight!
Here are some pics:

Braeden loves to help Ryley!


  1. I clicked on a link from my blog. I'd been looking for the old one, but it seems to be gone.

    Is it ok?

  2. I have hidden it from view because I don't quite know what to do with it! I thought I would start afresh and hopefully be inspired to write in this one a bit more!!

  3. Would you prefer I 'unfollow'ed then? Just til you know what you want to do? Won't be offended.

  4. No absolutely not! I think I will delete the other one actually. Ryley used to have his own website which was basically a blog and I used to write in it every day nearly. I think I needed to start one similar which is why this one has come about!! :)


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