The Keto Meerkat

This year the Easter Bunny has handed the reins over to his very good friend the Keto Meerkat. Easter Bunny (EB) usually only delivers chocolate eggs and doesn't have much time to deliver special orders. So he has asked Keto Meerkat (KM) to help him out.
Keto Meerkat first came onto the scene last year when Ryley started the Ketogenic Diet. He has been on many adventures, including a sleepover in the Starlight room at the RCH.
He is Braeden's pride and joy.

When first approached to help out, KM was more than happy to oblige. He knows that there is no room for chocolate in the Ketogenic Diet, and he realises that Braeden is just too young to eat such sweets.

We will have to wait until Easter Sunday to see what KM delivers, but it is sure to be special.


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