Winter has arrived in Ballarat early this year.
Not that anyone is ever surprised when I say it's cold here in Ballarat. The town is renowned for its freezingness (if that is even a word).
Yesterday it reached a grand old top temperature of 11 degrees, and for the most part, it hovered around the 6 degree mark. Considering it isn't even winter yet, it is a little chilly.

Not much to do when it is cold. Both the boys go stir crazy being inside, but given the fact that Ryley already has a cough, we really didn't want them going outside. So we took them for a drive out to see Nanna & Poppa out in Amphitheatre. Ryley vomited AGAIN, so we didn't stay too long.

He has gone to school today, complete with his St Kilda jumper. All his friends on the bus were asking him about his jumper and seemed to all want to say Hello at once! I think Ryley felt like Mr Popular today!!

It is still cold today, and I am trying to keep the wood heater stoked up and roaring.
I do really love the cold, it just takes me a bit to get used to it!


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