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I love watching the boys playing together.

Braeden is still at the stage where he is happy mostly doing his own thing, with just a little bit of pretend play thrown in when he feels like it. Ryley has never really been able to participate in pretend play, even though he has always desperately wanted to. He has always had to rely on me to be his arms and legs.

Yesterday, was a little bit different.

Seeing as we have lots and lots of cars and trucks, we decided to put them to good use and start building some roads. Braeden helped for a while then went off to climb rocks while Ryley started filling up one of the tiptrucks with stones. I had to help him, but together we made roads and started driving trucks and cars on the roads.

It was so much fun and both the boys absolutely loved it! Braeden was running around with a car in his hand making "brrrmmm brrrrmmm" sounds and Ryley was pushing the trucks by himself.

Hot work in the end and after a big drink of water, they both lost interest.


  1. It is such a joy to hear about the changes in Ryley. He is really growing up and it seems he is learning new tricks all the time!
    I love the photos. the second one of Braeden concentrating looks so much like you Anna when you were little!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful (if not hot and sweaty) moment with your boys. :) The joy I get watching my two play, developing their bond is unparalelled. I imagine that's how you're feeling today.

  3. i love the photos of the two boys. Ryley is growing up fast and so is Braeden.


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