End of year report-Ryley style

Yesterday Ryley brought his school report home, and then I had a meeting with his teacher last night.
To say I am proud, really doesn't quite convey how I feel.
Ryley's determination in life is something to be marvelled at.
That kid seriously never gives up.
He has had a fantastic year, despite the illnesses, the operation, and having to battle with daily seizures and constant pain.
The stand out thing for us is the way he has grown in confidence. He is trying new things all the time, and not giving up as soon as it is too hard. He does tire very easily particularly when it comes to fine motor tasks, but that is because he has the most seizures when he is concentrating on making his hands work.
We are looking forward to next year, because the sky is the limit for Ryley. We are realistic in our expectations, but know that Ryley enjoys being challenged. This time last year and we didn't ever in our wildest dreams expect that Ryley would be walking independently around his school with absolutely NO need for his wheelchair (although he has since grown out of it and we do need a new one for those times when he gets tired). 

Braeden, too, had a fantastic last swimming session yesterday. He actually swam under water (and blew BIG bubbles he told me) and RAN on the mat and jumped off!!! I was incredibly proud of him. I knew he would always get there when he was ready.

Last week of school this week, and work too for me! For some reason, I decided to start boot camp last night, so for the next two weeks for three nights per week I am challenging myself to get fit. After one night, my arms and legs feel like lead and I want to sleep all day. BUT. This is a personal challenge for me. I want to end the year feeling strong and ready to embrace 2011. I have been so sick this year and both Ryley and I have had a terrible year health wise, so I would love it if we both started 2011 healthy.

PS. Ryley did so well in his end of year concert!! Another proud moment. He was so confident on the big stage.


  1. I am so happy to hear how wonderful Ryley is doing. He really has made great strides in his development. Way to go! I hope you all have very Happy Holidays and a healthy and happy New Year. Love you all. :)

  2. So great to hear he got such a good report and did well at the concert. Do you have pics???

  3. Such a great report!! Mommy certainly *should* be proud! I love hearing these things. To so many, these wouldn't mean anything, but to parents of special kids like ours, each and every developmental accomplishment is like getting a gold medal in the Olympics. :-)

  4. Kristy- Thanks, happy holidays to you too xox
    Alison- No pictures, was too far from the stage! I need a new, good camera I think! I do have some video footage that one of my friends took. I forgot to press record on my video camera (I am an idiot).
    Becca- You are so right. Ryleys achievements this year are easy for 'neurotypical' kids. But for him-WOW!

  5. WOW! What great news! Way to go boys!!! And you too on boot camp! Hoping for an awesome year for all of you with happiness and great health!


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