Tell Me About it Thursday

Here we are at Thursday again.
Haven't been many posts between Thursdays now has there?
I have been waaay too busy, and without the thought of breaking a NaBloPoMo promise, I just haven't been motivated to turn that computer on at night.
It is TMAT.
So what should I write about today?
Seeing as it is Christmas soon (did anyone forget that??), I think I will write out MY letter to Santa.
It goes a bit like this:

Dear Santa,

First of all, I have been pretty good this year, so you really need to bring me what I want, ok?
I have quite a few things that I want, and I don't think I am asking too much.
First of all, I would like a million dollars.
(That's really not that unreasonable).

For Ryley:
  • I would like all of Ryley's seizures to disappear please. We are now on a ratio of 3:1 on the Ketogenic Diet and don't have quite as much room to play with that as before. So can ya help him grow a bit more and those seizures to just go bury themselves in the earth?
  • I would also like an ipad for him. After him playing with my touch screen phone and realising very quickly he can move stuff around, I reckon he would do quite well with a ipad (Plus his mate Elliott has one now, so he has to keep up if you know what I mean).
  • I would like him to have a healthy year next year. No nasty operations please. No stupid stinky cough that never goes away. Actually. Could you also take that cough away please. He has had it for about 8 months now and it makes him vomit through the night. He really doesn't need it anymore.
  • I would also like Ryley to be able to assert himself a bit more please. He is getting so confident at the moment and I love that he is starting to really make his needs known, but I want more of that.
  • And finally, I want Ryley to be able to spend lots of time laughing and having fun!!
For Braeden:
  • Can Braeden please have a haircut? He really wants one, and Saturday is a long time to wait, and he may have to take matters into his own hands. Those scissors he has been using at daycare are pretty tempting and he is fairly sure he could do a good job, so can he have a haircut, like, now?
  • Braeden would also like all the Toy Story Figurines. The ones that do stuff. He also wants a motorbike. And a horse. And pretty much every toy in the toy catalogue. Santa brings all that stuff, right?
  • I would like Braeden to also continue to enjoy life as much as he does. He is forever laughing especially when he knows he should be getting dressed and he is trying to hide by covering his eyes. I would hate for that laughter to stop.
  • I wouldn't mind it if Braeden continued his good run of never being to the doctor. In 3 years, he is yet to visit and take any medication other than panadol, so I would love for that to continue.
  • I would also like Braeden to not need his "more" next year and want to sleep in his big boy bed without his Mum. Though I know that might be something that takes a while.
OK. That's it Santa. I don't really want anything for myself. I would rather my kids are happy and healthy (oh yeah and that husband of mine too, better include him in that!). We look forward to and exciting Christmas this year and many many more to come.

Love Anna (you remember where we live, right?)


  1. Anna, I hope all your Santa wishes comes true xx

  2. Great post Anna..... Gave me a laugh... Hope santa is good to you and your family xx

  3. Ha, very funny indeed!
    I hope they all come true too!
    About the ipad, you might be able to get funding for that one ; )... (ha, that wink looks like he's drooling!) anyway.. Elliott's speechy mentioned it could be possible..go on, give it a crack!

  4. I hope that even if Santa can't bring them all... maybe buy a lotto ticket. LOL

    Great wishes.

  5. Have you tried oregano oil for his cough? You could also look at the discussions page, "lung issues" on the facebook page (it's on my blog) for other tips.

    of fortune cookie fame:
    all the things you want are hidden from you
    all the things you need are given to you

  6. Hope Santa brings it all - you all deserve it.
    Here's to all the hope a new year can bring. XX

  7. I hope Santa bring it all, you deserve it.
    Here's also to all the hope a new year can bring. X


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