Tell Me About it Thursday

I recently got asked this question through the Formspring link to the right. Here is the answer!

Does your son walk and does he use the bathroom on his own or wear pullups?

Thank you for the question!
Ryley does walk, and has been walking independently now for nearly 2 years. He started walking with assistance when he was quite young, but because of his size and low muscle tone he would tire very quickly and always needed assistance. He still gets tired now, but can walk for longer!
Ryley is in nappies (or diapers for those outside the US) all the time. We do have a special toilet for him so that he can sit on it easily.
He has used the toilet quite a few times over the years, but he can't communicate when he needs to go yet, so we are working on helping him make that connection at the moment.
While he is on long holidays over summer, we are going to try again with the toileting.
I don't expect him to ever not need a nappy or pullup, but we will keep working on it, because it would be great for him if he could go himself!

Great question, hope that helps answer it in someway.


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