Just one of those days

You know it's going to be an interesting day when the first thing you hear is "Awake Mum?" at 6am.
No I am NOT awake thankyou.
No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't pretend I was asleep. Which was probably something to do with the fact that Braeden was jumping on my head telling me to "Awake Mum, Awake Mum".

Ryley, upon hearing that the household was up, thought it best if he got up too. I encouraged him to snuggle in with me in the faint hope that he would fall back asleep (Braeden was playing with his toys by now after giving up on me), but no, this wasn't to be.
As I was lifting Ryley up on the bed, I thought his belly felt very smooth.
It took me but a second to realise that OH MY GOODNESS, the Mic-key button wasn't in his tummy.
Oh good.
As I pulled up his top I could see that the button had been out for a while because the hole had started to close over.

Somehow, while causing Ryley huge amounts of pain and discomfort, I managed to shove the damn thing back in, therefore saving us a trip to the RCH so they could put it back in under GA.
Poor Ryles.

Today I also decided to start my christmas shopping.
For those that don't know me as well, I often claim to NOT be a people person.
That is in fact, very true.
I despise large crowds and avoid them if I can.
I just don't have the patience.
I tolerate the crowds at christmas time, only because I enjoy buying gifts for people. Though sometimes, even that isn't enough.
It seems that at christmas time, everyone is in a bad mood when shopping. There is pushing, there is shoving, there is a general disregard for other human beings.
Another sigh.
As tolerant and patient as I was, I just got sick of it. I abandoned my christmas shopping half way through and thought 'Feck it, I am going home and shopping online'.
This was nothing to do with the fact that I had started feeling that I was really running behind on the whole christmas shopping thing too. There was SO many empty shelves.
And I thought I was being really organised by starting now.

One sparkling glass of champers later and I think I will start browsing the shops online.
The boys are all happy watching the cricket (oh how boring) and eating chips.
So I am going to enjoy the serenity and see how much money I can spend!


  1. Oh Anna... How horrible.. Good on your for braving the shops... but yep I agree with you, I think shopping on line with a glass of champers or 2 is much more civilized... Hope you get all your shopping done xx

  2. I hope you got your shopping done.

    Does Ryley's mic-key come out often? We are thinking of switching to a mic-key (very soon) and I am concerned about it coming out. Ashlea likes to unplug herself at night - I am worried she will pull it out early in the evening and I won't realise until the morning.... any thoughts? We have an entristar at present which I love, but it is leaking a lot as Ashlea has gotten taller and thinner so it is very loose.

    Sorry for this essay but I really don't know whether to make the change or live with the leaking!! One more question - how high does it sit from his tummy? The entristar is really low profile which is great for a child like Ashlea who crawls and climbs by pushing herself on her tummy.

    Thanks Anna!!

  3. Poor Ryley!! I'm not looking forward to the day I have to shove the Mic-Key button back in. I know it will happen, probably more than once, but still not looking forward to it. Glad Ryley has it back in! Good luck shopping!

  4. Thanks ladies! I managed to get some shopping done online! Feel much better now!!

    Alison- In the 2+ years that Ryley has had the Mic-Key button, it has really only come out a handful of times. Usually because it is worn out and he is ready for a new one and he has slid around on his tummy too much.
    So it really only comes out if the balloon inside has started to lose some of its water which tends to happen after 4 months! We usually change it every 3 months, so the button that came out yesterday actually hadn't been changed for 5 months I don't think, so the balloon was mis-shapen inside so it was easier for it to come out.

    The button does sit a bit high, but we have never really had a problem with it. Ryley climbs and lays on his tummy and it doesn't bother him.

    Does that help??? We love it and find it really easy.

    Hilary- Fingers crossed you don't have shove it back in too often!!

    Mel- xxx

  5. Ahhh Anna, sorry to hear about your crap day. Goodness me, I'm so relieved to hear you managed to get the button back in. And I have decided to AVOID the shops this year. Avoid them like the plague. We are not exchanging presents with other adults and hubby and I have set a lowly limit for a box of chocs or something, I did the neices' and nephews' pressie shopping a while back and Lolly was already sorted. I just can't stomach it this year!

    Bring on the online shopping :) Hope it feeds your nerves for the remainder of the month. Oooh that and the champagne!


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