That's why I haven't been blogging.

I seem to spend a lot of time apologising for neglecting the blog hey?
In between sick kids, no sleep, working late and David working horrendous long days, I just haven't had time to spend on the computer.


We are going on a holiday this week. Back to our second home.
You guessed it. The RCH.
Ryley has two days of routine testing and of course our appointment with his neuro team.
So we get to stay at the Medi-Hotel at the hospital.
I guess it saves the travelling.
Not exactly my idea of a relaxing holiday though, but we might try and pretend it is.

I promise I will try and get back to blogging soon. If only we had a 30 hour day.


  1. I hope the hospital stay isn't too stressful :(

    Let me know when you work out how to engineer a 30 hour day - I could do with one of those too!

  2. Best of luck at the RCH on your 'holiday'.
    I hope it all goes well down there.

  3. Glad luck at the RCH. I hope things go smoothly for you all.

  4. Thanks everyone. I am a little nervous this time around. I am hoping we don't need to make any big decisions. xox


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