Ryley is sick again with I-don't-know-what. Viral infection if you ask his neurologist, but that is based purely on what I have said over the phone. He doesn't have a temperature though, so um???

Cutting a long story short.
He has has stomach cramps for 4 days now and vomiting a couple of times a day. The inside of his cheeks are swollen and he is desperately unhappy. He is so miserable that he just sobs and sobs.
In desperation myself (and sobbing because he was sobbing which made him sob harder and then Braeden looked like his face was about to break out and then...well...I thought I better stop crying), I phoned his neurologist. I spoke to one of the registrars who was fantastic and had 'heard' of Ryley before. She reassured me that it probably wasn't the increase to his meds that was causing his sickness but said she would chase down his neuro anyway (because that was my first concern).
They phoned me back within 10 minutes and told me not to worry, but if I was worried, to bring him straight down to the RCH.

We have managed to settle Ryley down for the night and we will see how he goes through the night. Fingers crossed he is feeling better tomorrow. I am exhausted and drained and just want my little man to get better.


  1. So sorry to hear he is sick - I hope he is feeling better soon (and you too).

  2. Oh Anna... Big Hugs.... So sorry to hear that Ryley is unwell again... I hope that he wakes feeling a bit better and that you get some rest.. Thinking of you xxx

  3. I am so sorry Ryley is sick. We are praying for the little man to feel better in the morning and praying you get rest tonight.


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