Toddler Tantrums

It's a funny thing really. I thought that Braeden's tantrums couldn't get any worse. And then they did.

That kid seriously tantrums over EVERYTHING. Normal...good development...very good for his self-esteem blah blah blah. I know all that.
You know what my solution is though? Shove a breast in his mouth and let him drown his sorrows. And while he drinks up, he even gets to listen to a lecture from me about why screaming when he can't do something is not going to help.
Don't ask me what will happen when he no longer wants his "Mulk". I might sell him on ebay or something.

In all seriousness though, I am seeing for the first time exactly HOW frustrating it is for him when he can't do something first go, or when he is trying to tell me something and I don't know what it is. He expresses himself well by screaming blue murder, or throwing the item. It has got me thinking about how hard it must be for Ryley. He can't even always express his frustration at what he is frustrated about. Imagine being locked inside your body and desperately trying to get your mouth to say the words, or your hands to draw.
Last night, I sat with the boys outside and I was getting Braeden to name things and say the words after me. For the most part, Braeden can say the word, or an approximation. I then turned to Ryley to give him a go. He can say Mumma (which is what he calls me as opposed to when he just says Mum-that doesn't mean me), and then he tried his hardest to say the other words. In the end he realised he couldn't say them so just said nothing.
I can't explain really how that makes me feel. 
I gave him a cuddle and we went and did something he CAN do. We pulled the washing off the line and took it inside to sort and put away.
For some reason, my kids love to help me with this and are actually pretty good at putting things away.
Best I make the most of it now, seeing as in a few years I bet I won't be able to even pay them to do it!

Thanks to those who have been busy sending me questions through my side link. I haven't had time to blog because I have been busy answering them and fighting off a stupid migraine which plagued me for 4 days.

Keep the questions rolling in and feel free to go and take a peek at the questions and answers.


  1. How heartbreaking for Ryley to realise he couldn't do it. That kind of thing tears at a mother's heart strings!

  2. Ellie has just started chucking wobblies and I've found out that it's extra fun when you have both kids flipping out at the same time!!. :-). I hope these kids of ours (Ryley and Loch) know how amazing they are regardless of not being able to do certain things. Get better soon,

  3. Anna, I know what you mean but I honestly think as parents we worry too much about it! I look at Cooper watching Pep and think when will he ask why he cannot do all these things? instead he looks at her and enjoys her strengths equally proud of his own. Oh and those tantrums are overrated aren;t they! lol


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