Ryley not so well

First week back and Ryley is already home sick.
Can he ever get a break?

Poor kid. He is fast asleep at the moment. His little body is just completely drained.
I am tipping it is partly due to the intense two days we had last week at the RCH. Plus he is more than likely coming down with something, or fighting something off.
I don't know.

Of more of a concern for me is that he is falling a fair bit lately. His teacher reported to me today that he just fell straight back today, no crumple of the knees, just straight back down on the ground.
He actually has been making us pick him up a fair bit lately in hindsight, so now I am starting to get a bit worried.
It could be quite a few things that causing it and they are of a huge concern (I won't go into here).

So I will keep an eye on him and just monitor what is going on.
Geez I am worried about him though.


  1. I was just thinking about you and wondering how Ryley was doing. Hope he's ok - and you too. Must be really worrying not knowing what's going on. If there's anything I can do please let me know.
    Take care XXX

  2. Sad to hear that he is not well, Especially in his first week back, and he was soooo excited to go back. Poor guy... it never stops does it. I hope it is nothing to serious with him falling. Wish I was closer to do something... sending hugs your way xx

  3. Oh so sorry to hear he is sick. I really hope it isn't anything serious and that he can get back to enjoying school soon.

  4. So sad to hear that Ryley is sick. Poor guy. And you have my wheels spinning with what could possibly be making him fall or not want to use his muscles lately. I hope it is nothing. Just a phase.

    Love you and prayers for Ryley.

  5. Sorry to hear Ryley is not well. Sending out love and best wishes to you all and hope Ryley gets better soon, and that his falls are nothing serious.
    Love, Caroline

  6. I'm sorry to hear Ryley is not doign so well but was very impressed with his attitude on his first day back at school.

    I have given you a blog award. It's here: http://whiningattheworld.blogspot.com/

  7. I am sorry that Ryley is not feeling well. Sending out good thoughts and prayers to him and the family.


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