Let me try again

Thankyou Caitlyn for your comments to my last post. I think I just needed to hear it was actually ok for me to not blog. Thanks so much for always inspiring me to write! You just know exactly what to say!

So...this post will be short and sweet.

Today, Braeden and I filled our day by making cupcakes...and playing with Playdough. The Playdough part was pretty much all day.

Ryley got an award at school yesterday because he won the game of 'Musical Statues'! He loves that game. We play it at home all the time.

Tonight, being Friday, is snuggle-with-my-husband night. We will watch a movie and eat stuff we don't need to eat. I heart Fridays.


  1. I heart Fridays too - it sounds like it was a good one.

  2. Aw no worries :) - I just know where you're coming from, that's all! I hope Friday night was filled with food and snuggling and damn those cupcakes look good.

  3. The snuggle night ended up being with a certain two children who decided they didn't want to go to bed!! Still nice though!

  4. It's nice just hearing about what you are all up to. Braeden looks like he's doing a fine job with decorating the cupcakes - I bet he had a great time - and well done Ryley!

  5. sounds like a great day AND night!

  6. Well done Ryley!!Looks like Braeden had a great time mate..Nice mess to go with it of course.lol.

    Jules xxx


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