I love you routine..

I am a little sad today.
Always happens.
I look forward to Ryley going back to school for the whole holidays, and then when he does go back, I feel this awful pit of sadness because I miss him like crazy.
Ryley barely slept last night. He was up at 5am ready to go to school! He was so excited!
Usually I take him for his first day, just so I can double check with his new teacher that they have the PEG feeds all sorted and to answer any last minute questions that they might have.
'Cept today there was a bit of a stuff up.

I called the bus as usual and left a message to say that Ryley wouldn't be catching the bus this morning because I always take him for his first day.
Well that was all well and good until the bus pulled up out the front.
Ryley spotted the bus.
Ryley ran out to the bus.
I guess you can go on the bus seeing as you are already on and racing down to your seat without so much as a goodbye and only a brief pulling of your cheeky face at me.

I must admit, I panicked a bit. As the bus pulled away (without so much as a wave from Ryley), I started to stress about whether I should ring his teacher or go up to the school anyway.
After a consultation with David, I decided to hot foot it up to the school and just double check that everything was fine.
Good thing I did.
The staff were waiting to talk to me about his PEG feeds and to show them what to do (not that they really needed to be shown-it is pretty rare to find someone who knows what to do already!!).

Ryley was not impressed that I was there. I forced him to give me a kiss (much to his disgust) and then he bolted away from me. He even looked at Braeden like he was a pesky fly.
At least he was happy.

Braeden and I then went and caught up with Jen and Ellie for a coffee and a play (you can meet Jen here).
It is so good to be able to catch up with another Mum who understands the morning I had.
I joked about it being the first time I have ever been able to go to Macca's and let one of my children play in the playground while I sat and had a coffee and chatted to another Mum.
Just like those Mums over there Jen said.
Yep. Just like those Mums there.

So we have leapt back into our routine again. I can feel the layers of stress peeling off me. I think maybe I need the routine almost as much as Ryley does.

PS. Quick update: Ryley has to go and have nearly all his teeth out in a couple of months. Poor kid. Another GA, another stay in hospital (though with a bit of luck it won't be for long) and more pain.
We aren't even sure if he has any adult teeth. So it is possible that once we take out his teeth, he will never have them replaced.


  1. Hey .... Anytime you want to catch up and act like normal mums again just let me know.
    Hope Ryley had a good 1st day back. XX

  2. Hello Anna, thanks so much for saying hi on my blog. I really look forward to reading more about your family and learning lots. Have we ever crossed paths on EB during our respective ttc years? Your story of having a bal.trans (and your name) sounds sooo familiar...!


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