Things I love today

I love watching Ryley and Braeden develop their own way of communicating with each other. They use sounds, signs and eye contact. I watched this morning as Braeden got their toothbrushes and he nodded at Ryley who nodded back as if they were saying "You wanna clean your teeth?" "Yeah alright".

I love how Ryley gets Braeden's shoes for him, and how Braeden tries to pick out clothes for them to wear.

I love how independent Braeden is.

I love how independent Ryley is trying to be.

I love that there are so many blogging WHS Mum's out there now. When we started Ryley's original blog back in 2004, there was virtually NO other blogs around. Now there are wonderful new blogs being written all the time. Not only is writing a blog a great way of meeting others and sharing information about WHS, but is also a wonderful therapeutic tool for parents. Being able to read what others are doing and make comments and ask questions is something that just wasn't possible...well even 5 years ago!

I love my WHS family. Wherever in the world they may be.

And. I love that it has finally cooled down a bit! I am a little sick of the muggy humid weather. I guess I live in Ballarat for a reason. I think I prefer the coldness (despite craving sunshine during winter).


  1. It is so sweet that the boys have their own communication. I see Izzy and Norrah developing that lately as well and Izzy is always watching out for Norrah. If she gets a cookie or a toy or ANYTHING she is always asking for one for Norrah too!

    AND... I love you and the rest of our bloggy WHS family!

  2. I love to hear about how Braeden helps Ryley, and how Ryley is also learning a bit of independance from Braeden. Its great motivation for Ryley.

    And I totally agree on the blogging comment, its like a little community, and there is something comfortin getting comments and support from all these other mums that are going through or have been through the same thing.... even if they are a few hours or even thousands of miles away.. I really do appreciate it xx


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