Ryley sick again

I had been so looking forward to today and tomorrow. Ryley is on school holidays and I have taken two days off to spend with him and only him. Braeden is at daycare and I had all these lovely things planned for us to do together.
Only problem is. The poor kid is sick again.
He has had a cough for the past 5 weeks and he managed to put up with it while we were away (he coughed so hard that he vomited most days). I thought that the sunshine had cleared it up a bit, but seems I was wrong. The poor little man has been for a chest x-ray today and we are waiting for the results. I am hoping it is nothing serious, but he is sound asleep at the moment. Even sleeping through the electricians as they bang around.
There will always be other days for us to hang out together. I just hope he starts to feel better soon.

Most people know that I am not one to race off to the doctor at the first sign of a sniffle. I don't like using antibiotics unless absolutely neccessary because I believe that in order to build up immunity, your body needs to be able to attack the virus itself. And particularly with someone like Ryley where his immune system is already compromised, he needs to be able to fight things off himself. He can't rely on medication all the time (Lord know his body is already full of enough toxins from the seizures meds). So I guess when I actually take Ryley to the doctor, it is usually because I am fairly worried. In fact, Braeden still hasn't been to see a doctor yet, despite having various coughs and cold and gastro. Though with him, he has enough breastmilk to keep him well so I am lucky.

Maybe I am just anti-doctors? I have spent so much time in hospitals and with specialists in the past 7+ years that I just don't think they know it all. I learnt a long time ago to trust my own instincts. I know my children better than anyone else. I also know that a high temp is just the body's natural way of fighting off disease. I know that most viruses run their course. But I also know when the body needs some extra help. Which is why I took Ryley today. I tried to see the x-ray, but it got whipped off the screen so quickly! Damn.

I really hope that we can sort Ryley out quickly. He has started to lose weight now because he isn't tolerating his feeds. Plus he is just plain miserable. I know how much he is looking forward to the weekend too. We had planned to make some coloured cupcakes. But that might have to wait.

Hopefully, the doctor will tell me all is fine, and all Ryley is needs is cuddles and rest.


  1. Awww poor little fella, i hope it's not serious and I'm sure whatever you do is the right decision....and RIGHT ON!!! about everything you've said here.... Why do Dr's suck so badly? Our Dr is back on the PEG wagon because Elliott is only eating 4 times a day instead of his usual 6 times....aaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!!
    Well, i hope you do get that special time with your boy and that you still get to enjoy your Premiership(??) weekend and hey...there's always room for cupcakes in my book!!
    Big cuddles from me and Littles!!

  2. Praying for Ryley! You made me laugh about the X-ray. Ha... I would do the same exact thing and quite often if the doctors try to avoid letting me see something I will just ask them to explain it and then ask them a bunch of questions. Eventhough sometimes I know the answers I like to test them a bit. Ha. Momma Instincts are the best.

    Love to Ryley.


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