Where do I start?

The best place to start would be with the conference! This was our 3rd conference (they are held bi-annually) and it is just so wonderful to see how all the kids and adults have grown and changed. It is always lovely to meet new families as well and we were lucky enough to meet a couple of families who hadn't been to any of the recent meets that we had attended.
The conference itself was quite a whirlwind of shared meals, playtime for the children (although don't get me started on Ryley's respite carer-consider a complaint lodged is all I can say), listening to speakers, and most of all, talking and sharing stories with other families.

It think the most important thing is that family-to-family contact. Being able to talk about our experiences and share ideas is just so empowering. All of our WHS kids are unique and different. Some walk and talk. Some have seizures. Some are attending mainstream school, some specialist settings. Some are fed via artificial means (PEG, NG), some eat orally. All have different abilities. But the best part of all is seeing the smiles, hearing the laughs and watching all the WHS kids communicate with each other. Everyone has a very different personality.

We were really lucky to get to know some families better that we didn't know as well before. We have vowed to catch up with some of the families before the next conference (Liv & Littles to start with and then Thomas and his family later next year).

Something that really stood out this year for me was the siblings. The older ones (Sarah, Talia, Indi, Savannah in particular) were just fantastic and they gave us such a wonderful break by playing with Ryley and Braeden. We aren't used to having anyone just take our kids away to play so we can relax and enjoy ourselves. It is so nice to know that Braeden will grow up surrounded by all these beautiful role models. I hope that the siblings all realise just how awesome they are.

Before I put photos up I do want to get permission from those whose children/adults are in them. So bear with me while I do that.


  1. oooh I cannot wait to see pictures! AND I JUST LOVE THE NEW ONE OF RYLEY on the blog header. He is so handsome.

  2. I agree with everything you said here! The siblings were totally amazing and getting to know the families has totally empowered me too and i feel so at home with you all now.

    You have my permission to post pics of my beautiful Littles, but first names only please.... if there are any decent ones of me too i guess!..i'll be letting you know if i disapprove!! ; )

    And BOOOOOOOOOOOO to that F$%#%@%@^#$&# "carer".

  3. Anna, what a fantastic opportunity for you and your family to meet with other families in similar situations. It is no doubt such a very strong support network for you all. Loving all the pics of the beautiful kids too!


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