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Today I pulled some strings and got Ryley seen by the dentist that comes to my work. This dentist travels up from the RCH Melbourne to see kids in our EI program, and I happened to request (ok, beg a little) for Ryley to be seen.
This dentist is by far the most awesome dentist I have ever come across. He is so very patient and somehow manages to get kids to open their mouth. Although today, Ryley cottoned on pretty quick that it wasn't all fun and games and clamped his teeth down on the little mirror thingy very very quickly.
The dentist did manage to look at Ryley's teeth though, and it wasn't exactly great news. Ryley's back molars have basically eroded away due to the grinding and the medications. His 6 year old molars haven't even come through yet. He will need those teeth removed. Though the good news was that it wouldn't be causing him any pain at all which is a huge relief.
The front teeth will need to come out too because they have a higher risk of infection. He does have a second set of adult teeth so they will all be replaced eventually.
So the dentist is putting through an urgent request for Ryley to go under a GA asap to have all the work done.
It is good in a way because I have been worried about his teeth for a while, but it is crap that we have to have another GA and he will have to recover from more surgery.



  1. holy molar! Poor little man, and poor you! Glad he's not in any pain but booooooo to surgery. If he's going to RCH, be sure to let us know so we can come and visit. XLiv

  2. Anna, good luck with all this dentistry, it is a tough time :) We had 2 extractions and 4 crowns a little while back and it was definitely more traumatic for me :) thinking of you and Ryley oxoxox

  3. I'm glad you got your dentist friend to have a look for you. Ashlea is having a dental exam later this year and I am sure it will lead to work needing to be done. Not looking forward to that.


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