Blue Pyrenees (no, not the French ones)

This was the view from my back porch up at Rybrae Farm the other night.
Winter sunset and the very blue Pyrenees Ranges.
Not bad.

I think this might be my first post for July?
We have had a most excellent first week of school holidays and are now into the second week.
I just haven't had the time (or electricity) to sit down and blog.
I will find the time again.

But for now, I am enjoying the cold and the eerie lack of sickness in our household (after our gastro week just before holidays started).

Hope everyone else is surviving holidays.


  1. Spectacular! And Blue Pyrenees make great wine......

  2. Lovely view - enjoy the lack of sickness!

    1. I am most definitely enjoying the lack of sickness!

  3. Gorgeous view! Enjoy! Love to all.

    1. The mountains change every day! Love to you guys xo

  4. Outrageously beautiful; must be wonderful place to get attuned to peace....

    1. There are various spots on the farm where you can just sit and enjoy the breathtaking views. It does wonders for the soul..


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