Sheep ARE cute, sheep are beaut'

It's funny, but a lot of people arrive on this blog by searching for 'sheep are cute, sheep are beaut'. Goodness knows why they end up here.
Anyway, if you do, HELLO!

This weekend at the farm we settled 12 Merino Ewes in. We got them at a bargain price (if we were to sell them we would get at the very least double what we paid for them). We had to do some quick fencing patch ups, but overall they have settled into their paddock very well. The aim is to get them in lamb and increase our mob.

Unfortunately, the inverter that converts our solar and generator power blew up, so we effectively have no power. We do have 3 gas lights in the house at least, so weren't completely in darkness. So the next step is to try and find someone who specialises in stand alone solar power to come have a look and tell us what we need to do. I expect it will be costly. Ugh.

So there is the Farm Update!
Have lots to write about this week. Several hot topics in my draft box being fine tuned.


  1. I have my fingers crossed that you find someone who specializes in solar power that is affordable!!

  2. Yay for happy sheep, beaut sheep even? I hope the power can be fixed soon and without blowing the budget.

    1. Definitely beaut sheep, and hopefully they produce cute lambs!

  3. Well, I didn't search for sheep, but I visit periodically to see how life is down there. Lost glasses, lost solar least the sheep are not lost! Warmest regards to all....looking forward to more!

  4. I'm new here on your blog and just learning a bit about you. You live on a farm? How wonderful -- I was just saying the other day that my youngest son, Oliver, is a born "worker," and nothing makes him happier than being outside and working. I wished that he could live on a farm and never have to go to school --


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