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Anger is an interesting thing to watch.
Moreso, when that person is non-verbal.
Actions, I have found, often speak more than words.
Take this afternoon for example:
Ryley, who was my non-violent child, brought over a book for me to read.
He often does this, as it is his way of asking to be read to.
I was busy cooking tea and told him to wait.
He pushed the book into my leg.
I told him to wait.
He threw the book as far as he could throw it and threw himself on the floor at my feet.
He then proceeded to try and pull me down to the floor.

And then there was another example.
Probably not even 10 minutes later, he went into where Braeden was happily creating things out of boxes.
Ryley decided he wanted one of the boxes and snatched it off Braeden.
Braeden protested, naturally, and grabbed it back.
Ryley picked it up and tried to break it, discovered he couldn't, so threw it.

To be honest, I have never seen Ryley act like this.
I don't know whether to be proud of him, or ever-so-slightly concerned.
One the one hand, it is great he is expressing his anger and frustration.
But I do wonder if there are hormones starting to come into play a bit here too.

Whatever it is, we may have a bumpy ride ahead of us.
Well, even bumpier than it already is!


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