Let that be a lesson

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So I learnt a little something on Friday night.
Time to really up the security on this blog.
So, there will be some changes in terms of my photos, but it will make it harder for people to copy them and then use them elsewhere.
Because basically, one of my photos was copied from this blog and put into a video that someone has created and posted on You-Tube.
There was no link back to my blog and certainly no one had asked for permission.
I have since learnt that this is illegal.
You are not able to post photos without permission or without a direct link to where you found the photo.
I could track the person down (and given I have their IP address, that is pretty easy) and have them charged with theft.
Obviously I am not going to do this.
The video that has been made is about WHS and has been created to educate people.
I am not against that.
It is good etiquette though to at least attempt to ask permission if you can. Or at the very least, add the reference (or blog) from where it came.

So I did close this blog briefly over the weekend while I pondered on what I was going to do.
I enjoy blogging, but as time goes on, the privacy issues are starting to weigh very heavily on my mind.
You just never know who is out there reading.
If they wanna try and stalk me, good luck.
I have two big dogs, a small dog and a bloody ferocious cat (who is more like a puma some would say).

Any other bloggers have issues with security? How do you manage it?


  1. I wondered why I was blocked out for a while. I thought maybe you'd decided you didn't like my comments. I felt really uncomfortable. Glad to hear I wasn't the cause!!
    Great menagerie of protectors you have there! Haven't quite been in your situation to offer advice. Can imagine how it makes you feel a bit uneasy though.

    1. You definitely weren't the cause Marcelle! Your comments are lovely and I look forward to them! It's hard writing a blog sometimes and being so public. I never really know who is reading the blog. I must admit though, I love it when someone comes up to me in real life and tells me they enjoying reading it.

  2. I had to shut mine down for a weekend last year as I fixed my blog to make it "mostly" thief-proof. First I googled "right click disable in blogger" to get the code for disabling the ability of people to right-click on a photo and copy/paste it. Then I found out from someone how to edit the code in each of my photos (you have to do it every time, to each photo - I had to go back through 4 years of blog posts to do this!) to make it so nobody can click on it directly and have it open in a separate browser, thus making it right-clickable again. If you'd like those instructions, I can send them to you. Just e-mail me at bateminx@yahoo.com. :-)

    1. Thanks Becca, I will email you for the instructions. I have already disabled right click, but will need the code so people can't click on it directly! Thanks!!

  3. I thought about going private, but I just cannot do that. Yet. Mostly because when we got Magnolia's diagnosis I stalked many blogs, yours included. I was not ready to ask permission to follow the blogs. I was not ready to start my own blog yet. I just needed some time to absorb the diagnosis. I cannot even begin to tell you how much seeing your family through your words and pictures helped us, and continues to do so. When we got the diagnosis we were given the standard medical packet on WHS. The children's pictures were horrible. They looked like mug shots with blacked out eyes. Then we found blogs and pictures of kids. Just kids! Kids living life. It was so different then the medical junk. It gave us hope. Lots and lots of hope.

    I hope you find a way to protect yourself, your words and images. You are right, you should be asked and then credited. It is just common courtesy. Good luck!

    1. Yeah I don't mind if people link to my blog, I actually think that is GREAT! But it just feels wrong when people use your picture in something else without crediting the blog or requesting permission.


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