Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why I shut my blog

My blog is back open, but I closed it mainly because of some privacy issues.
I am working back through them again, but I may need to shut the blog here and there again.

So don't panic.
I will resume normal blogging soon enough.

Although I must admit, I suck at the photo a day challenge.
And to be honest, I am ditching it.
I will try and still take a photo a day, but I will not be following the prescription that I started.

Life has been pretty challenging for us of late and I will post about that later.

Right now, I need a break! Which won't be coming anytime soon, but you will all be pleased to know I am doing the research and trying to find some regular form of respite.
It is surely a sign when people start asking you if you ever get a break, and whether I have ever considered respite.

Back with more later.


  1. That's what i like to hear! ...about you following up on the respite that is, not about your blog is shut down cause that really sucks.

    1. oh, from me, Liv. XXL


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