Free: One pair of glasses

See these glasses here?
They are Ryley's.
We might as well give them away, because he is determined not to wear them.

I recently read something about What-you-need-to-know-about-caregiver-stress and how it is never ending and completely different from 'normal' stress.
I can relate to that.
Great that there is an end in sight hey?
Or not.

Strategies to encourage the wearing of glasses:

  • Superglue them to his head
  • Tie them to his head
Ok. I am out of ideas now.

If nothing else, he is stubborn as hell. 
And that is a trait I admire.


  1. Not an unfamiliar experience with us also...I vote for superglue! Warm regards to all..

  2. I had a medical professional once tell me kids won't mess with things that help them, like hearing aids and glasses. I call bullshit!! Good luck!

  3. He has been wearing them at school at least which is good! Phil-I am a fan of superglue too I think!!!
    Hilary-I call bullshit too. Ryley knows he can see better with them on, but sometimes I think he just doesn't want to see. It is all a learning curve I guess (like we need anymore of them!!).


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