Kind words can make a difference

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This afternoon one of my neighbours said one of the nicest things to me.
She told me that she thought David and I were two of the best people she had ever met.
I swear I nearly cried.
She said that she tells people about us all the time and that we are amazing and that she loves listening to us and the kids over the fence.
I can't tell you how lovely it was to hear such kind words, especially when the last two weeks have just been pretty draining.

I love my neighbours.
We are truly so lucky to have people that just know when to give us a little boost when we need it the most. Whether it is with kind words, or sharing something they have cooked, or even sharing furniture with us for the Farm. We can always count on them when we need it the most.
I hope they know how much it means to us.
I hope they know we are always here for them too.

Sometimes all it takes is someone to say that you are doing ok, to remind you about the things that are important in life.


  1. It is the random, amazing kindness and acknowledgement of people's words that make our lives so valuable....


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