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Remember me?
I used to blog a bit here on this blog...

I have been a bit busy lately so haven't had much time for the blog.
I am joining up with Fat Mum Slim's April Photo a Day for April, so that starts next weekend.
Which means, ohmygoodness, I will have to post everyday!

Let's see how I go with that hey??

Meanwhile, here are some pictures from Rybrae Farm.
We spent our first weekend out there this weekend.
What an adventure!!
For updates you can 'like' our FB page: Rybrae Farm I will post regular updates there, along with pictures.
Join in the conversation as we start to realise how hard a dream is to achieve sometimes!!!

I can say that self-sufficiency is interesting and we have A LOT to learn. The solar power is fairly outdated given that it is 25 years old. The wind power hasn't been working for 3 years and the wind turbine has fallen over. So we need to fix that. We are yet to get the hot water system going.
We did get the water system figured out.

Braeden loved watching the sunrise with me on Sunday morning (what a beautiful sight that was!).
Ryley overall spent most of the weekend crying because he wanted to be riding on the motorbike 24/7.
He also injured himself somehow and is refusing to walk.

Here are some photos.

Can anyone tell we have millions of 'suckers' to get rid of?


  1. Love! I cannot imagine how exciting and exhausting this all is for you. I love the pictures. I love that you are doing this. I am sending positive thoughts your way. You are awesome!!

    1. It is extremely exhausting! I forgot how hard it is to do work when the kids are around. But we have managed it before, we will manage it again!


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