Joining the Midazolam club

How many 4 year old's do you know who have been trained to administer Midazolam?
Not many I am tipping.
But the reality is that we all had to have training on Monday down at the RCH so that we can give Ryley this drug to stop a seizure (which included Braeden-he wanted to learn actually so the epilepsy nurse taught him, simple as that).
I need to have some additional CPR training as well.
David is ok as he has a current First Aid Certificate.
Ryley has a new Epilepsy Plan and anyone who is caring for him must be trained properly to administer Midaz and he has to take it with him everywhere.
The chances are high he will have another weird seizure or prolonged seizure of some description.
It is just a new reality for us.
Well more like a new reality that is really an old one.

There are a few other concerning things too which means it looks like our days on the Ketogenic Diet are definitely numbered.
Our alternatives?
Not much.

Braeden also had a reaction to his 4 year old immunisations this week.
He is ok though.
And I have had the flu.
Awesome times.

Hurry the fuck up weekend and bring on a new week.


  1. Anna please mail me more particulars, I'll give you a full response by tomorrow. The ketogenic diet is tricky with lots of variables you may not be aware of and also I'd like to tell you about midazolam and alternatives.

    1. I will be in contact asap. I am keen to here about the variables and alternatives!

  2. There must be something with the solar flares in the universe as we had a hell of a week with my Adam also...I'd echo the hurry the fuck up weekend also, except last long before the next week starts.

    1. Sorry to hear you have had a crap week too. Is everything ok??? Hope the universe gives us all a bloody break this week.

  3. Your last line made me laugh out loud as I too am echoing it. Love you my friend.

    1. Hehe. I think I think that last line just before every weekend!!


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