I know I have been missing from the blog in the lead up to the conference.
And I will attempt to rectify that over the coming months.
I have so much in my head that needs to be written down!

Our family is tired at the moment.
Worn down from the year that has been.
Ryley has a subluxation of his toe at the moment which we can't do anything for.
For the first time in his life this morning,  he lay down on the couch after his PEG feed and pulled a blanket up around his chin. If he had the words, I am pretty sure he would be saying "I am not going to school today Mum".
Poor kid.
I kept him home of course.
His cough is still bad and he just seems so...tired.

Braeden has finally started eating again.
He pretty much hadn't eaten properly for 2 weeks. Partly due to gastro, and partly due to being out of routine.
He has been so tired that he has been clinging to me and crying out "MAMA!" day and night in such a distressed voice.


Time to take care of ourselves for a little while I think.


  1. Hope you all get some much needed rest and relaxation!! Hope the boys feel better soon. Thinking of you!

  2. Yes, my god, it seems that the universe and everyone in it needs just a bit a respite...no more roller coaster rides....


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