How good does my house look?

Ok Ok.
You're right.
There is no way that is my house.
I wish it was though.
Those lights look lovely.
Though I wouldn't like the electricity bill to go with it.

Christmas in our house is an exciting time. I absolutely love building it up for my kids. I love that they believe in the magic of Christmas. It is a special time for them.
We usually start mid way through November.
I put up a few lights, find a few Christmassy things to dot around the house.
This year, we have been drawing Christmas trees and Santa's, and colouring in reindeer pictures.

Braeden has been walking around the house telling me everytime he does something 'good', because Santa is watching him. He has even been telling Ryley not to be naughty or Santa won't come.
I just love watching their eyes light up when they see the Christmas lights. Or when we talk about what we will put out for Santa and his reindeers to eat.
It makes my heart smile.

We have been making Gingerbread Men already and both the kids love to mix and squish the batter. Braeden wanted to create things with the mixture instead of men, so he created a snail and a slug and a 'B'. Ryley helped press the cookie cutter with such excitement!!
It is these moments in time that make everything worthwhile.

This Christmas, it is the Little Things that will count for us. Being able to stop and appreciate the memories we are creating for our kids to take with them through their lives is what truly matters.
For us, this year Christmas is about JOY, PEACE and LOVE.

What does Christmas mean to you?


  1. Great house. Girl child would love that to be our place, too.

    Enjoy the beautiful Christmas memories you are creating.

  2. Not even sure what to say about that house! It's like Christmas vomited all over it. Pretty, but OMG the electricity bill! Would you be able to sleep in it at night though?

  3. Christmas means family, warms clothes, sleeping in, hot chocolate and good books. It also means all my family in one room. For some reason during the Christmas season everyone seems to congregate in one room rather than spread out around the house. I love it!

  4. E.-It is a pretty cool house hey?!
    Melissa- Bahaahaa. Christmas vomited all over it. Love it!!
    Hilary-Oh your christmas sounds so devine!!


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