I dreamed a dream...

I cannot possibly even start to reveal what that dream is right now, but stay tuned.
If we can make it a reality, then part of this blog will be dedicated to sharing our experiences.
My heart is absolutely filled with excitement at the possibility that it might work, and somehow, I just know it will.

Aside from that.
Less than two weeks until the conference!!!
I cannot believe it is nearly here!
Everything is organised and we are ready to go.
I can't wait to catch up with all our WHS family, and to welcome all the new families!!

What else has been happening here?
Not much.
My boys have grown taller.
Slugs have been eating my snow peas.

Blogging will feature in my life again very soon!


  1. ooooo curiouser and curiouser! Sounds exciting! Dream big Anna!

  2. Very anxious to learn about your dream...your words exude the excitement!

  3. Can't wait! Happy your family is well. Super thrilled to read your blogs. I so wish we could come to the conference. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.

  4. Intrigued... Excited... Curious... Cant wait to hear more about the 'Dream'
    Cant wait to catch up in a few weeks at the conference xx

  5. Ooooo, sounds intriguing! Hope it's all good news, and that the conference prep is going well!


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