Things I love today

  • That Braeden walks around the house and tells me at random times  how much he loves me.
  • That Ryley giggles uncontrollably when he sticks his leg out and trips me over (this is a new game for him)
  • We have cable (Austar) in our bedroom so we can all snuggle up together and watch Play School when it is raining.
  • That the kids have loved making a robot out of old boxes and egg cartons and that we have to make improvements to it everyday after school/childcare. It is one awesome robot (it isn't real yet though-still have more work to do).
  • It is nearly the weekend. Which means catching up with friends and spending time up the bush (allbeit chopping wood, but still, it is fun).
I haven't taken any photos lately, so will try and take some this weekend. What things do you love today?


  1. I love that I was able to take my mom to a fun lunch today for her birthday.

    I love this post! I should do this everyday, even if it is just mentally to myself. There are so many things to love everyday. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hilary- That sounds great!! Happy Birthday to your Mum! You are right, there are things to love everyday!!

  3. It sounds and feels like you are in your own little piece of heaven today...days like this, where we see beauty all around us despite our struggles, allows us to continue with unbounded enthusiasm...blessings and a hope that each day is like today!

  4. Dear Anna,
    I love you today. And your kids. And the idea that you are going to travel over here and visit with me and Hilary and Lauren and Jess and everyone else that has a blog (Kristy - didn't forget about you girl... come over to the east coast!)
    And... I totally think you should participate in my Friday's confession booth. Pretty please. :) Because I know you can write - and you are awesome. And I'm confessing something about weight watchers so it doesn't have to be serious.
    And.. that's about it. Love ya, Kristen


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