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Two posts in one day!

The reason is because I just read this great post :We are Sisyphus over at Healing and Empowerment. It really resonates with me because somedays it does feel like all I ever do is roll that boulder up the mountain, only for it to fall to the bottom and I have to start again.
But it will always be a task that I will do. With love in my heart (sometimes with complaints, sometimes with sadness, sometimes with an overwhelming urge to let that boulder crush me).
But always with determination to never give up.
I am but one of the few who is privileged to know the value of life itself. To not have to search for meaning.
I hold that meaning in my arms every single day.
Embrace what you have.


  1. Absolutely beautiful words of commitment which I fully share with you...warmth and blessings as the journey continues

  2. "I hold that meaning in my arms every single day." Beautifully written! Thinking of you friend.


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