Sunshine please

Some of this would be nice around now.
I would like some warmth to go with it too.


  1. Sending sunshine your way! Or at least I'm trying!

  2. phew! I kept trying to see your blog yesterday and it said you made it private and I almost had a heart attack and I kept stalking you and then I decided to go send you a message on twitter because I was so anxious to see ALL your thoughts and then I thought I would check back here one more time and then I was finally able to see your sunshine and NOW I AM HAPPY. Thank you. Kristen

  3. Thanks Hilary, I really need some!! This winter seems so long!
    Kristen- I just had some issues with Spam, so closed it until I had time to clean it up. Blog about a bloke is on FB, I did update there!! I am still getting used to Twitter LOL!! xoxox


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