We're Baaaack....

Here we are.
Holiday Week One. Over.
I am just starting to wade through my emails, snail mail and catch up on FB/blogs.
Not to mention the washing and the cleaning!

We basically had an AWESOME week.
As a result I have two very tired boys at the moment who are still catching up on the late nights.

Now, I know you all probably won't believe what I am about to tell you.
But I actually went up in a helicopter on our second day in the Barossa.
I will admit that it wasn't a long flight, which is part of the reason why I actually did it.
The other reason was because Ryley wanted to go up in it and we couldn't all go at once.
I have always wanted to go in a helicopter to be honest, and after my plane experience, I didn't think I ever would.
But I did it.
And I loved it!
Ryley was just amazed. He was speechless with excitement. Something that very rarely happens.
(By speechless, I mean he didn't even do his usual excited noises. He just stretched his arms and legs out and clapped with a huge grin on his face and a look of amazement in his eyes).

Here are a couple of photos of that. Just to prove I actually did it!

Posing before the big takeoff

Braeden now is saving up to buy a helicopter

Not a bad view

The changeover: David, Braeden,Sarah OUT. Anna & Ryley IN

Nervously waving goodbye


  1. Welcome back to cold old Ballarat..
    OMG you really did go on it.Lucky you posted a photo because I was thinking maybe it was in one of you crazy dreams that you did it.lol
    Jules xxx

  2. Awesome Anna! You are braver than me!
    Braeden looks like a real little pilot with his headphones on and I'm glad Ryley loved it.
    Hope you all had a great time away.

  3. Wow - sounds like fun! Glad you had a great time.

  4. How cool!!! Great job! Soooo there might be a chance of you getting on a plane and coming to visit me?

  5. Glad to hear that you had a great time away from reality...at least for awhile. Me? I never leave the ground..

  6. Hee hee, wow it looks like a toy helicopter at a fun park somewhere! Such a cute photo of Braeden. You sound full from your enjoyable time away xxx Lovely :)

  7. Jules- Haha. I knew you would want photo evidence!!
    Jen- You would do it too I reckon. Mind over matter remember ;)
    Alison- We did have a great time. The week went too fast.
    Hilary- LOL. Planes are still way to scary at the moment. But you never know..!
    Phil- It was nice to be away from reality. It's hard work though being away from home sometimes. It often calls for creativity and flexibility, two things I should get better at one day.
    Kirrily- It DOES look like a toy helicopter!!


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