Sensory stuff

Do you like my diagram? I drew it myself. Ha! Not really.
I just liked it really because it shows how many sensory points there are within our bodies. My Occupational Therapist friends will probably yell at me for posting a stupid diagram. 
But I really want to somehow show people how Ryley's body seems to be at the moment.
He is so ticklish at the moment, that changing him and dressing is even more difficult than it was before.
He is seeking out deep pressure and wants to wrestle and roll over me as soon as he gets home from school.
Partly, I think that is him unwinding himself from a busy day (most of us just prefer to sit and stare at the TV, go for a walk, or have a stiff drink (or is that one just me?).
And partly I think his body is changing a bit. He seems to be able to feel things more at the moment. For example if he slightly bumps himself, he screws his face up as if to say "that hurt". He seems to have more awareness of his body and how it works too. He watches what Braeden does so intently, and his body is trying to mimic the movements. It is actually quite amazing to watch.
I am, of course, using this opportunity to teach him some key word signing, and to help him more aware of his hands and how they work. Not to mention trying to help him connect his body parts and understand how they work.

I am not sure what has caused this change in Ryley's body, but he seems to really enjoy how his body does a bit more of what he wants it to.

(The wrestling is a killer though-he is a lot heavier and bigger than he used to be-not that he thinks he is!)


  1. I guess that we all need to keep chanting that old mantra, "change is good." Every time Adam's body shifts into position through ABR, we face some "small" healing crisis. I have to keep repeating, "change is good."

  2. I love this diagram!!I had no idea there were that many!

  3. Phil- Good mantra. I shall start repeating that!
    Hilary- I can at least mostly understand the diagram LOL. Our bodies are amazing things! I love learning about how our brain connects our body!

  4. Do you have a gym ball at all? It might be a useful tool for Ryley to roll on (and you can use it to apply pressure to him) and wrestle with, it might give your body a bit of a break ;). xo

  5. Jordan did something similar. At around 3 he started really seeking out deep pressure, but didn't really feel pain or anything. It wasn't till a few years ago that he started to feel more sensations, some pain included.
    It must be great watching Ryley become more aware though.

  6. Sammi-Great idea! In the warmer months he actually goes outside on the trampoline and rolls all over his gym ball. I had totally forgotten that. I am going to get another gym ball and let him do it inside!! Awesome!!
    Sharalyn-I think it is a progression very similar to what you described Jordan going through. It is good to see Ryley is more aware. But I noticed a massive bruise on his leg today which I have no idea how he got. It doesn't seem to hurt to touch, so I dunno. Maybe he still has a way to go.


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