A crossroads,of sorts

Have you ever reached a point in your life where you are faced with several paths?
The long one ahead of you is where your heart is telling you to go.
The one to the left is filled with exciting possibilities.
The one on the right causes you to suck in your breath and close your eyes and hope that when you open them, you made the right decision to go down there.

So which would you choose?
Ideally, a combination of all three would be good.

Right now, I choose to close my eyes and sleep.
Because I am tired.
And Ryley is tired and not that well.
And Braeden, is Braeden, and full of energy-always.


  1. Thinking of you!!

    I hope you get some sleep and Ryley feels better soon.

  2. Umm...tough choices there. I hope whichever decision you make everything goes well.

    Hope Ryley starts feeling better soon. And that you can get some decent sleep, as well.

  3. Uuumm dont know what to say.... but I am intrigued by your choices... Rest up and hopefully the right answer comes to you. Thinking of you x


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