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So given that I am totally preoccupied with the coming fundraiser (AWHSSG Ballarat Conf '11 Major Fundraiser in case you missed it), I am going to be slightly slack here and instead of writing how wonderfully and awesome our time over in the Barossa Valley  hanging out with the Doecke Family was, I will simply put some photos up instead.
I will just spend a moment though to share two major milestones that have occured in Braeden's life this week:
1. After 3 years and 7 months, he is completed weaned from breastfeeding!! That sure does look like a long time when I write it like that. He didn't feed to sleep while we were away (which was the only feed he was having), so I took the opportunity not to remind him. When we got home, he requested his 'more', and I told him it had run out. He was not happy. But he isn't protesting much. I am hugely proud of my efforts with breastfeeding. (Just as a side note-has anyone seen the movie 'Grown Ups' with Adam Sandler? There is a 4 year old boy in there breastfeeding and it is very funny the way they address extended breastfeeding. The kids pretty much reminds me of Braeden)
2. He is completely nappy free!! Only 1 bedwetting incident, but he just decided he wanted to wear jocks to bed one day. I was very hesitant despite the fact he was waking up with a dry nappy most days (has been for months). So we are going with it.


Ryley loves to cuddle. Rachael, not so much. Rachael had no choice by the end of the week. She had to put up with the cuddle-a-holic Ryley.

Braeden, Rachael and Ryley discussing the intricate details of how to Wake Up Jeff.

Rach and me practising our queen waving. Ryley not so sure about the dodgy driver.

Mmmm. Marshmallows cooked in the wood heater inside. Nothing beats 'em.


  1. Way to go Braeden! What exciting news!

    Great pictures. Happy you had a wonderful time.

  2. Wow - congratulations Braeden!

    Sounds like a great holiday.


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