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Thank you to everyone who offered their support and comments about my previous post. It really helped me sit back and analyse the behaviour as opposed to just getting frustrated.
Here is what I came up with:
  • Ryley wants to wear underpants like Braeden
  • Ryley doesn't want to be changed on the floor
  • Ryley hasn't always finished his toileting when I am ready to dress him
  • Ryley knows that despite him being in a vulnerable position, he holds an incredible amount of power over me because he can kick me and move his body in such a way that I find it difficult to hold him. He likes to assert himself and have the control.
The solutions?
  • Change Ryley on the spare bed. He happily climbs up and lays down for me.
  • Once I remove his nappy, take him into the toilet and sit him down. He currently only sits for about 2 seconds, but it's a start.
  • I have looked in to using pull ups, but they are not practical at the moment due to the cost. I have an appointment coming up soon with the continence clinic and will enquire about cost effective solutions (ie. what are they going to do to help?!)
  • I did try changing him standing up in the toilets, but he had too many seizures and it was very difficult for him. So I will keep trying that occasionally as we progress a bit more with toilet training.

I did get kicked in the face again this morning, but I will persist with the changes. Ryley's behaviour in general is pretty bad at the moment, so I am hoping this phase will pass.

Thanks again for all the suggestions! I love how the blogosphere is so supportive!!


  1. If the pull-up thing seems like it might work. we use to have what we called pull-up and diaper drives at the daycare I use to work at. People would donate pull-ups and diapers to the daycare for families that couldn't afford them...maybe you could do something like that?

  2. I am thinking of you Anna and wish I had some advice but I don't - we are not there yet with Dylan but I am sure the day will come. Hang in there, hugs. :)

  3. hmmm not looking forward to this issue..it's already hard enough!

    I was at Yooralla yesterday (looking at a bed) and noticed some kids undies that had a mesh pocket to insert a continence pad and thought "i could make these!"... SO, if you buy him some nundies i can alter them if you want. What size is he? I'll have a play around when i have some time....i have a major sewing mission/work on at the moment but will give them a crack when i get the chance.

    Good luck!


  4. Angela- Thanks for the idea! I am hoping I can get some funding through the government to help pay for them. We get allocated $500 a year, but there is another package available that I am entitled to as well but for some reason have been rejected the last two years. I don't get to fill the application out myself, so am thinking it isn't being filled out right!! Will see how I go.
    Kristy-Thanks! I hope the day DOESN'T come for you guys where Dylan is naughty!!!!
    Liv- WOW what an awesome idea. No rush. Just when you have time. Size wise he is in a 5-6 pants size. Little buddha.


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