Zucchini anyone?

After the week I have had, I think it is time to lighten up the blog with some funny, witty, fluffy posts.
I probably won't be able to deliver on the funny or witty. But the fluffy I will give a red hot go.

Our backyard is currently being overtaken by zucchini's. We have three different types: Dark Green, Green and light green (you didn't think I would actually know their real names did you?).

At first, the giant zucchini's were great. I would pick a small one to use with tea every night. Letting the two big ones grow until they were big enough for me to stuff.

But then, something happened.
There was rain, there was sun, there was neglect.
And then there was too many zucchini's to eat ourselves. We have given plenty away already. But there are still more!

Seeing as all the cool blogs have giveaways, I am having one too.
You don't even have to enter and hope desperately that you are going to win.
All you have to do is reply to this post and BAM! You got one.

In all seriousness. If you are reading this and want a mega zucchini, or even just a regular sized one. Let me know please. I will even deliver them too you (not if I have to catch a plane though-sorry).

PS. Did I mention that I also have tomatoes, pumpkins, broadbeans and butter beans?

This is my secret garden. So overgrown that it really is a secret.

There is actually a path through there somewhere.


  1. Damn! Wishing I lived closer now....I just made a zucchini slice last night. Had assumed neither boy woudl touch it (actually made them something else) and they both came back for second helpings of it!

  2. I also wish I lived closer! Zucchini fresh from your garden sounds delicious.

  3. I too wish I lived closer for your 'delivery service' I love zucchini, especially in zucchini slice... YUMMO!!!


  4. LOVE IT!!! ...Noice fluffing! LOL
    I hope you've been making zucchini slice!! YUM!...


    I will definitely take you up on the offer...if they're still growing crazy when i see you next!!


  5. Who knew there were 3 types of zucchini???

    Please don't pick me as a winner - I can't stand zucchini!!

  6. Melissa- Damn! I could have given you a boxful!!
    Hilary- They are really tasty actually. Braeden even eats them just steamed with a bit of grated cheese on top!
    Mel-I am making zucchini soup and slice as we speak! I am heading to Melb next Friday to the RCH, so if you aren't busy...!!
    Liv- I am about to make that exact recipe!! And same to you, I will be at the RCH next Friday, so can make a delivery to you all then??!!
    Alison- And the winner is...YOU! Haha. Not really. But yeah amazing that there is 3 types hey LOL?!

  7. did you know you can also get yellow zuchini! send some my way. love the stuff. (Just refuse to pay mega bucks for it in the supermarkets.

  8. Kylie- Yellow Zucchini-Crikey what next LOL! Consider yourself the winner of 400 zucchini's then!!! Seriously.


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