Easter and the gift

Because I haven't posted many photos for a while, I am going to make this post fairly photo heavy. I have decided to re-neg somewhat on my no-photo-posting rule. If I start getting stupid messages and spam again, I will just delete them.
The kids had a great easter. Lot's of eggs for their egg hunt, but more importantly, they got books, PJ's and a dressing gown. Plus E. Bunny left behind some of his...erm...tail fluff...so that gave them something to be excited about.
We then went out to David's parents house and took all the cousins fishing. Ryley especially enjoyed the long walk through the old diggers holes.
Me? Not so much due to the fact that I was carrying him!
Bloody good workout though!

I have also included some pictures of the kids new cubby house.
It has been nicknamed the 'Taj Mahal' because it is so big.
We got it given to us.
Yes that's right.
For free.
It is hard to explain how incredibly lucky we feel that someone out there thought of us.
It actually belonged to friends of our next door neighbours. We have only met them a couple of times, once we gave them a heap of plums.
David had to go around to their house and pull it all apart and remove it himself.
That was it.
They wouldn't accept anything at all.
So even though they probably won't read this.
Your kindness has made a world of difference to us.
In amongst the stress and caos that is filling our world lately, we have something that makes us smile.

Happy Birthday to Mum.

Easter Bunny Left instructions

Another chocolate!!

Ryley's hunting now

Here Mum, hold this while I pick all these up (note how it is still dark outside-it is only 6am)

The Taj Mahal

Kids loving it!


  1. Happy Easter!!! That cubby is amazing!!!

  2. Happy Easter! Thank you so much for posting pictures. The boys are getting big. They are both so cute. What a sweet cubby. I imagine the boys will have hours and hours of fun in it.

  3. Happy Easter and Happy Birthday! I love all the pics of the boys and I love the play house - it's great! I am sure they will have hours of fun in it.

  4. Wow that is big! The boy's look great :)

  5. Thanks everyone! Hope you all had a great easter too!!


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